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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Eagles fall in polls after loss in Week 5

With questions rising about Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles are falling in the majority of power polls heading into Week 6

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles have dropped in the majority of power rankings polls after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a last second field goal in Week 5.

SB Nation's power poll curated by editor Joel Thorman ranks the Eagles at No. 10 overall, which drops the team three spots from last week's ranking. Here is what Thorman had to say about the Eagles:

Fun fact: They've won three games by four points and lost two games by 23 points. And they're in first place in the NFC East.

Thorman's ranking was the highest of any other outlet this week, as ESPN, and all had the team outside of the top-10. gave the team the smallest drop this week (two spots) and had them ranked at No. 11 overall. ESPN also had the team at No. 11 overall but moved the Eagles down four spots and raised questions about Michael Vick's turnovers. CBS also moved the Eagles down four spots (but to No. 12) and echoed concerns about Vick.