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Fomer Eagle Joe 'Bud' Sutton passes away

Joe Sutton, who recorded 13 interceptions for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1950's, died Monday at the age of 88.


Joe "Bud" Sutton, a defensive star for the Philadelphia Eagles in the early 1950's, passed away at the age of 88 on Monday.

Sutton was a Philly native, playing for Northeast Catholic High School before playing for Temple after serving in the Army in World War II. He played his first NFL season for the Buffalo Bills, but starred for his hometown squad upon coming to the Eagles in 1950. In his first season with Philadelphia, he recorded eight interceptions, the sixth-most in franchise history. He'd go on to record five more interceptions in two additional seasons

Sutton played both sides of the ball, but made his name as a defensive back in his 30 games with the Eagles over three years. He also contributed as a halfback and returned punts and kicks.

At 88, Sutton was one of the oldest surviving former members of the Eagles. Sutton is survived by his wife and three children.