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Panthers vs. Eagles, Week 12: '5 more games of this'

The Philadelphia Eagles continued to disappoint, losing their seventh straight game, this one to the previously 2-8 Carolina Panthers, thanks to three turnovers and poor defense.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the fourth quarter with a lead and had a chance to tie the game on their final possession, but another uninspiring performance saw them lose their seventh straight game, this one to the previously 2-8 Carolina Panthers.

Cam Newton tore apart the Eagles defense with 302 yards passing and four touchdowns, two through the air and two on the ground, while Philadelphia lost three fumbles -- including one on a last-drive kickoff return that had already gone into Carolina territory -- without forcing any takeaways. For Eagles blogger Jason Brewer of Bleeding Green Nation, the result was no surprise:

In the end though, none of this is surprising or new. We've seen this same kind of sloppiness week in and week out. This is very much the norm.

With LeSean McCoy out, Bryce Brown impressed with 178 yards and two touchdowns, although he also fumbled for the second and third times in his young career. Starting for Michael Vick, Nick Foles went 16-for-21 with 119 yards, although Brewer also pointed out that several picks were dropped by the Panthers.

All in all, Brewer summarized Eagles' fans feelings on a season with seemingly no low point in one final sentence:

Five more games of this left.