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Eagles key to victory: Give the ball to McCoy

LeSean McCoy rushed for 119 yards last week against the Saints, but was a non-factor in the second half when he received just six carries.

Chris Graythen

Rob Didinger provides Eagles fans with a simple formula for how to get the offense going against the Dallas Cowboys: "Give the ball to your best player. What a concept." LeSean McCoy played well last week against the Saints, running for 119 yards on 19 carries. But the Eagles abandoned the run game in the second half.

Ultimately, Didinger is pessimistic about Philadelphia's chances, concluding, "The Eagles could win Sunday if they leaned heavily on LeSean McCoy but how likely is that?"

For Didinger, this is an interesting matchup, since Philadelphia and Dallas are in similar situations:

In many ways, the Eagles and Cowboys are mirror images. They have the same record, the same air of uncertainty regarding the head coach (the Dallas fans are as fed up with Jason Garrett as Eagles fans are with Reid) and many of the same problems.

For a complete overview of the Eagles-Cowboys matchup, check out Rob Didinger's full story at