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LeSean McCoy wants to play despite meaningless game sports: Les Bowen looks at why Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is so adamant on playing in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, despite the team being eliminated from playoff contention.

Chris Graythen

Asked Wednesday why he would want to play now, with the Eagles eliminated from postseason consideration, McCoy said: "Why would I want to play? Why wouldn't I want to play? They pay me to play this game. I love to play this game, so why wouldn't I play? What would that be, for me not to play?"

Theoretically, by starting as scheduled Sunday against the Redskins, McCoy could risk another concussion, or of course, any other kind of injury that might dim his 2013 prospects, trying to win a game many Eagles fans probably would just as soon lose, to enhance their draft position. But nobody in the locker room or on the presumably doomed coaching staff is thinking about that.

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