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Michael Vick says he is not a backup

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick believes he should be a starter in the NFL.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick is ending his season as the third-string quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, but he believes he is still worthy of a starting quarterback job in the NFL.

Vick is not complaining about his new role as the Eagles have shifted to rookie Nick Foles as their starter, but he wants to be a starter next year.

Vick told Birds 24/7, "I'm not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I'm a full-fledged starter."

Vick has not played since suffering a concussion Nov. 11 in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He struggled this season, throwing for 2,165 yards with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions and rushing for 307 yards and a touchdown, but losing five fumbles.

Despite his struggles and status with the Eagles, Vick insists, "I'm a starter. I'll feel that way until I start to feel like I'm becoming a problem on the team."

Vick, who is due $15.5 million next season, said no matter what happens with the Eagles, he will always have a soft spot for Philly for giving him an opportunity to return to the league.