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NFL power rankings: Eagles in dead last

The Philadelphia Eagles lost their eighth straight game on Sunday and have fallen to last place in the SB Nation NFL power rankings.

Ronald Martinez

Things keep getting worse for the Philadelphia Eagles. After falling to the Cowboys 38-33 on Sunday, the Eagles have now lost eight straight games and have tumbled to the bottom of the NFL power rankings.

The combo of rookie quarterback Nick Foles and rookie running back Bryce Brown looked better against the Cowboys, but still didn't generate enough offense to break the Eagles losing streak. In Joel Thorman's power rankings at SB Nation, the Eagles came in dead last:

32. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 26, 3-9): They look like the worst team in the league.

The way Philly has played recently it is hard to argue with him, particularly with the Chiefs and Jaguars both winning games within the last two weeks. With Andy Reid having committed to sticking with Foles for the rest of the season, things shouldn't get much better for the Eagles.

The rest of the NFC East is much better off than Philadephia. The Giants are ranked No. 8, the Redskins 14th, and the Cowboys 16th. Next up, the Eagles take on the No. 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Dec. 9.