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Why Andy Reid won't be back

Andy Reid has been head coach in Philadelphia since 1999. But Les Bowen says it's time for Eagles fans to move on.


At 3-9 this season, the Philadelphia Eagles have been a disappointment by just about every possible measure. Yet, some fans are still clinging to the idea that head coach Andy Reid might return next season. Les Bowen at the Philadelphia Daily News would like fans to dispense with this silly notion. He says that there are two types of fans clinging to the idea that Reid will be back:

"The sincere ones are a small but "bigger than I thought they'd be at this point" subset of fans who remember too well all those years of Nick Skorich, Joe Kuharich, Marion Campbell and Rich Kotite. They retain a lot of respect for Reid's five NFC title-game appearances, and they fear the unknown."

And then, there are the insincere ones:

"The insincere group is, basically, having a bit of fun. These folks have no doubt that Reid should be fired, but the fact that he has not been ridden out of the Linc on a rail and tossed off the Walt Whitman Bridge in midseason offends them."

Click here to find out why Bowen thinks fans are deluding themselves and why Reid will definitely not be back.