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Video: Evan Mathis' Incredible 8-Week Transformation

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Evan Mathis came to the Eagles as an unheralded free agent signing last season and at least according to the folks at Pro Football Focus, was the best LG in the NFL last year. What might explain his amazing season? It just might be the ridiculous workout program he went on during the lockout.

Check out this video detailing his transformation at Zone Athletic Performance.

Here's the description from the video.

NFL guard Evan Mathis put in 28 weeks straight of training with Garrett Shinoskie at Zone during the NFL's lockout prior to the 2011 season. This video chronicles the first 8 weeks of his transformation and shows what diet, commitment, and elite guidance can do. No steroids, no fat burners, all work. He went on to have an amazing season and it all started here.

Mathis is set to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and may expect the Eagles to bring him back.