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The DeSean Jackson Outrage

FakeWIPCaller on why the Eagles shouldn't use their franchise tag on a malcontent like Jackson - they should sign him long-term.

The Eagles, according to multiple media reports last week, plan to use their franchise tag on DeSean Jackson. If they do so, they'll be showing once again why their fans have lost all trust in them. It's moves like this that are the reason the Eagles haven't won a championship since 1960.

First of all, Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy are clearly the Eagles' franchise players, and it's a slap in the face to both to give that designation to Jackson.

Secondly, after Jackson spent the entire 2011 season sulking, complaining about his contract and not producing, it's wrong for them to reward that behavior with a huge raise to the franchise number, which is expected to be around $9 million.

Of course, some reports say the Eagles franchised D-Jax with the intention of trading him. This, too, is completely unacceptable. I mean, do you want him suiting up for the Cowboys, Giants or Patriots and coming back to haunt his former team? I sure don't.

If the Eagles are serious about wanting Jackson on their team, they should man up and sign him long-term. But clearly, they won't do that - they're too cheap.

Look back over the years of the Lurie/Banner/Reid regime: There's a long list of ex-Eagles who the team unceremoniously put out to pasture when they got too old and/or expensive: Brian Westbrook, Jeremiah Trotter, Bobby Taylor, Jon Runyan, Corey Simon, Hugh Douglas, Tra Thomas, Lito Sheppard... need I go on?

Now granted, most of these guys never did a thing in the league after leaving Philadelphia. But this is about loyalty, not about money, a lesson the Eagles still have yet to learn.

So here's what the Eagles should do: Sign Jackson to an extension. Plaxico Burress has expressed interest in signing with the Eagles - sign him, too. Randy Moss is coming out of retirement? Him too. You can never have too many big-time wide receivers, and besides - the team's biggest problem in 2011 was not enough star power.

So, in conclusion: Jackson has behaved inappropriately and is unworthy of the franchise tag. But he's such an important player that the Eagles should spare no expense in signing him long-term. It would be classless, and an insult to the fan base, not to.

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