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2012 NFL Combine: Schedule And Preview

The 2012 NFL Combine begins Wednesday, Feb. 22, when the first wave of draft prospects arrives in Indianapolis looking to impress NFL evaluators. Among the highly-touted prospects is Luke Kuechly, the linebacker from Boston College projected in many mock drafts to land with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The combine features a four-day schedule with staggered starts for each position. Kickers, punters, offensive linemen and tight ends arrive in Indianapolis on Wednesday and begin the schedule then. Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are scheduled to begin on Thursday. Defensive linemen and linebackers start Friday, and cornerbacks touch down in Indianapolis on Saturday.


Each position begins Day 1 on the day of arrival in Indianapolis. The four-day schedule follows:

Day 1:

Travel to Indianapolis, registration, hospital pre-exam and X-rays, orientation, interviews

Day 2:

Measurements, medical examinations, media, psychological testing, interviews

Day 3:

NFLPA Meeting, psychological testing, interviews

Day 4:

Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), departure from Indianapolis

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