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DeSean Jackson Press Conference: Eagles WR Talks New 5 Year Deal

DeSean Jackson met the media today just hours after putting pen to paper on a new 5 year, $51 million deal that will keep him in Eagles green until 2017. Jackson said that he was confident a deal would get done despite all the doubts in the media.

“I want to take my hat off Howie Roseman and coach Andy Reid for believing in me regardless of what anybody said. When everybody was saying it wasn’t possible for me to get a long term deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, or he’s going to get a one-year deal until he can prove himself, Andy Reid and Howie Roseman stepped up to the plate. Basically, with myself, I’m accountable for it and I gave them my word that I’m going to come here and do what I can do to put everything on the line. They gave me their word, and everything else was set. I’m happy to be here and I wouldn’t want to see myself anywhere else.”

Jackson says he sees a bright future for himself and the Eagles, even going so far as to guarantee a Super Bowl at some point over the life of his new deal.

I just feel that my destiny with the Eagles is very bright and I’m still happy that I have five bright years to look for. In one of those years, I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl because we’ve been close the past four years that I’ve been here. Last year, with it being a tough year, just the way we caught on fire towards the end of the year, I see this team as the sky being the limit."

Going forward, DeSean says not to expect to hear him looking for a new deal just because someone else signed for big money.

"As players, you always try and compare deals and see what other players make and this and that. Throughout my contract situation, I felt good with what was on the table. I didn’t want to pass that up. With the relationship that I have with the Eagles, I would rather take the opportunity than go anywhere else. Regardless of what money I could have got or how much more, whatever the case may be, I’m comfortable and I’m not greedy. I still have ways in my contract of making whatever I’m worth. As long as I go out there and play at the level I know I’m capable of playing at, with the money, the sky is the limit. That’s not the problem. I’m just here to play football, have fun and give this city a Super Bowl. When that comes, everything else goes."

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