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The Eagles' Commitment to Mediocrity

Andy Reid and the Birds do the natural thing: Lock up the core of last year's 8-8 team

When the Eagles finished 8-8, sure, I was disappointed. I'm sure every Eagles fan was. But the one silver lining in such a disappointing year was that hey, maybe this time the people in charge will learn from their mistakes and finally give the team the thorough housecleaning it desperately needs.

So what happened? Three months after season's end, the Eagles have retained their head coach, general manager, team president, and offensive and defensive coordinators. Despite the best quarterback in the world suddenly becoming available, the team has maintained a stubborn commitment to Michael Vick. And once free agency began last week, the Eagles, rather than spend some money and fill their many holes, instead signed several of their own players to long-term extensions. Because the obvious move, after an 8-8 season, is to lock up the entire core of the team.

Most insulting of all, the team signed both DeSean Jackson and Evan Mathis to five-year extensions. The message was clear: Go 8-8, slack off, insult the fans on Twitter, and you'll get paid anyway.

The Eagles have crying needs at linebacker and safety, and have thus far signed not a single player at either position. I know what they'll say- they're waiting for the price to come down. Once again, it's all about the money. Comcast's Reuben Frank reported last week that the team has $22.38 million in salary cap space. If that number is anything more than zero on August 1, we'll know the team doesn't really want to win.

It's just unbelievable the opportunities the Eagles are leaving on the table. Not even a phone call to Peyton Manning? No attempt to beat out Washington's offer to Robert Griffin III, a player we all know is going to haunt the Eagles for years? Say what you will about Daniel Snyder and his team's lack of on-field success, but at least he cares about going the extra mile and acquiring impact players.

And then, the Eagles had the audacity to release Jamaal Jackson, the last remaining Eagle from the 2004 Super Bowl team. That's so typical of the Eagles to cut a player once he's past his prime and no longer able to help them.

That Lurie and Banner have no commitment to winning and only want to compete has already been well-established for a long time. I just don't understand why the fans are okay with it. Why aren't they marching in the streets, demanding the signings of Peyton Manning and every available free agent linebacker? How dare the Eagles management act in such an arrogant manner, like they know what they're doing better than we do?

I'm not sure if anyone's ever said this about the Eagles before, but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Mark my words: all the same players and coaches will lead to the same result: another 8-8 season, and another season with no championships since 1960.

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