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2012 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles Have 9 Picks

The NFL has released its full 2012 NFL draft order today, which they've updated to fully reflect all the recent trades and compensatory picks. As always, the Eagles have done a lot of wheeling and dealing over the past year and loaded themselves up with more picks than there are rounds. However, unlike previous seasons, the Eagles picks are actually stocked near the top of the draft.

They've got three picks in the top 51 and four in the top 100, so the team will be able to add several higher pedigreed prospects or could use those picks to package together for a move up to grab one of the truly elite players in this draft.

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Howie Roseman and Andy Reid will also have plenty of later round picks to play with as well with three selections in the 6th round. So, barring trades, this is what the Eagles will have to work with on draft day.

Round Pick Overall
1 15 15
2 14 46
2 19 51
3 26 88
4 19 114
5 18 153
6 2 172
6 25 194
6 31 200