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Todd McShay 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Three QBs In The Top Ten?

ESPN's Todd McShay released his latest NFL mock draft this week and he's got a few surprises in his top ten. The top two picks are certainly no surprise as he's got Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III coming off the board #1 & #2 respectively. He's got OT Matt Kalil heading to the Vikings at #3, also a pretty consensus pick.

This is where things start to get a little interesting. He's got WR Justin Blackmon the Browns at #4, RB Trent Richardson to the Buccaneers at #5 and CB Morris Claiborne to the Rams at #5. This would be a little bit of a kick in the pants for the Rams who would see the likely top 3 guys on their board all come off directly before them.

The rest of the top ten include a surprise with OT Riley Reiff to the Jags, the Dolphins getting their QB with Ryan Tannehill at #8, workout warrior Dontari Poe at #9 to the Panthers and WR Michael Floyd at #10 to Buffalo.

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As for the Eagles, he's got a name we haven't really seen yet.

Mark Barron, S, Alabama

The Eagles began addressing their linebacker need by trading for DeMeco Ryans, so Barron makes sense in the back end. He is the most complete safety in the draft, offering a physical presence in run support and the range to play the point in coverage.

This is a weak safety class in 2012 and the fact that some people are talking about Barron as a first round pick should be evidence of that. He's not a bad player by any means, but being the best of a bad class doesn't mean he's worth taking this high. Barron's value probably lies more into the second round.