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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles Projected To Select Luke Kuechly In SB Nation Mock Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles are projected by the 2012 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft to select Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly with the 15th pick (via SB Nation).

Based on other mock drafts we've seen, the Eagles would be lucky to even have a shot at Kuechly with the 15th selection as he has been often taken by the 13th pick.

Here's what our Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation said about their selection of Kuechly:

Now that the Eagles have traded for DeMeco Ryans, every mock drafter on the planet has seemingly checked linebacker off the list for the Eagles and moved on. Not me. If you watched the Eagles at all last season, you'd know their problems at LB were more than just the man in the middle. In reality, the Eagles could probably use an upgrade at all three spots. So for me, Ryans is just the start of the overhaul. The chance to add a guy like Kuechly here is just too good to pass up and in the course of one offseason could turn this teams' biggest weakness into one of its most talented units.

While Kuechly is most often projected at middle linebacker, he really played all over the place at BC, so I see no reason why he couldn't slide over to SAM with Ryans next to him at MIKE.

Guy who I also considered: Michael Brockers. Guy who I wished fell: Fletcher Cox. Guys other people mock to the Eagles but aren't worth the 15th pick: Devon Still, Mark Barron.

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