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Brian Dawkins Retirement: Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie Calls Dawkins 'One Of My All-Time Favorite Players'

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie had strong words Monday for retiring safety Brian Dawkins, who will hold a press conference at the Eagles' facility on Saturday.

"Brian Dawkins is one of my all-time favorite players and one of the best to ever put on an Eagles uniform. On the field, in many ways, Brian re-invented the safety position. He had the speed and athleticism to line up against the game’s best receivers, and was equally effective in the run game," said Lurie. "His love for the game was infectious and he poured his entire heart and soul into everything he was doing from the moment he entered the stadium until he left. Everyone who ever watched Brian play saw that and it was impossible not to love that about him. He was one of the best leaders to ever play here."

"Off the field, it is no secret that Brian was a fan-favorite. But as much as the fans loved him, I can tell you that he loved them back with equal intensity," Lurie noted. "His transformation from a mild-mannered, humble man during the week to an energized, ferocious, spark plug on gamedays was evidence of that. We have been working with Brian for a few weeks and look forward to honoring him in front of our fans as one of the greatest Eagles ever when we play the Giants on September 30th."

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