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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Philadelphia Eagles Seven Round Selections

By Thursday evening, all the mock drafts in the world will once again become irrelevant because the real one will be upon us.

However, it's still only Wednesday. So hold onto your hats as Chad Reuter of gives us a you-better-buckle-up seven round mock draft to chew on.

Without further delay, the Philadelphia Eagles picks:

1st Round: Dontari Poe - DT - Memphis

2nd Round: Lavonte David - OLB - Nebraska

3rd Round: Zerbie Sanders - OT - Florida State

4th Round: Russell Wilson - QB - Wisconsin

5th Round: Terrance Ganaway - RB - Baylor

6th Round: Aaron Henry - FS - Wisconsin

6th Round: Emil Igwenagu - TE - UMASS

6th Round: Junior Hemingway - WR - Michigan

7th Round: No Pick

This would definitely be an interesting draft with a lot to discuss after it was all set and done.

Poe is a selection that would have tons of people happy and just as many furious. He's the classic combine dazzler who didn't do very much in his college career.

Sanders would be a tremendous pick in the third round that meshes with both value and need. Wilson is projected by most to go a little later, but quarterbacks always slide up the draft boards and he has nice potential.

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