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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Eagles Get Defensive

Here's what we know about the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be the first two players off the board. After that, it's a little less clear what will happen.

But, for one last look at an educated guess, here's a pair of mock drafts from's Ryan Van Bibber and

Van Bibber sees the Eagles targeting cornerback Stephon Gilmore of South Carolina: "If Kuechly is still on the board, Philly should take him. In this trip, he is not available, but a really good cornerback is. Asante Samuel is gone. DRC may be gone after this season, his last under contract. Gilmore now looks like the second-best corner in the draft."

MTD, meanwhile, also believes the Eagles will aim for a defensive player, with Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly as the primary target: "What's old is new again for this choice. Kuechly was long-considered the Eagles' choice until the team acquired DeMeco Ryans. But as good as Ryans should be for Philadelphia, he's only one linebacker. At the weak side, Kuechly would be a big-time upgrade over Brian Rolle or Casey Matthews. It won't be a stunner if Kuechly is gone by the time this pick happens."

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