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Mychal Kendricks Scouting Report: Eagles Move To Fix LB Corps

The Eagles made a major move to improve their LB corps earlier this offseason when they dealt for former Texans Pro Bowl LB DeMeco Ryans. He will fill the MIKE spot as well the chief leadership role for the Eagles LB corps.

However, the Eagles still had need on either side of him. They selected Cal LB Mychal Kendricks in the hopes of filling at least one of those.

Here’s what Scouts Inc had to say about Kendricks.

Kendricks makes up for his lack of ideal take-on skills with instincts and quickness. So, he beats blockers to the point instead of stacking and shredding. His real value is on third down, though. He can both rush the passer and make plays in coverage.

They also say that this finally may be a sign that the Eagles will solve their long standing LB problem.

How he fits: The linebacker corps for the Eagles was their worst unit a year ago and it wasn’t until late in the season that they finally started to gel in their Wide Nine scheme. They gave up a lot of big yards early. They have four young guys outside that have developmental qualities, but not are complete yet. The real question now, are they just backups and special teams guys. DeMeco Ryans is an excellent free agent pickup from Houston at MLB and he will solidify the front seven. But their need is probably for an OLB that could start and make plays or an ILB who could backup Ryans. Kendricks has experience in both positions, He gives them another interesting young guy to develop. They’ll eventually get this position right.