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Nick Foles Scouting Report: Eagles Draft QB In 3rd Round

The Eagles did what many draftniks expected and grabbed themselves a mid round QB to develop in the form of Arizona’s Nick Foles. The 6-4 Foles really presents no threat to starter Michael Vick, but does give the Eagles a young arm to develop as a possible starter down the road or as their recent history suggests, future trade bait.

Here’s what Scouts Inc has to say about Foles.

While he doesn’t have the pocket mobility you’d like to see in the modern-era quarterback, he can beat pressure with a quick release. He also has a strong arm and above-average accuracy.

They also talked about how he fits in the Eagles organization. One note though, they’re actually wrong in saying that Michael Vick’s contract is up after this year. It’s not. He’s actually signed through 2017, however he doesn’t really have guaranteed money left on his deal after next season.

How he fits: You would not think this is a position of need, but Michael Vick is over 30 and his contract is up after this season. Backup Mike Kafka knows the system but is not special nor is UFA pickup Trent Edwards. Andy Reid loves to develop young QBs. He has at least a year to see if Foles can be that guy. The Eagles are always aware that their young guys can either become a starter or become trade bait.

Andy Reid has always liked bringing in young QBs, so Foles is hardly out of character for the Eagles. What is interesting is what a contrast Foles is to the other QBs on the Eagles roster. While Vick is “smallish” and extremely mobile, Foles is basically a statue but he’s huge at 6-4, 240. He’s also got a much bigger arm than Mike Kafka.