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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Eagles Earn 'B' From SB Nation

The 2012 NFL Draft has ended, so naturally it is time to grade out what happened. Mel Kiper weighed in earlier, giving the Philadelphia Eagles an "A" for their nine-player haul. SB Nation wasn't quite as high on the Eagles' draft, though they still gave Philly a fairly high "B" rating.

Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks will help that defense. Kendricks, alongside DeMeco Ryans, should clear up those linebacker issues they had last season. Good call to grab Georgia cornerback Brandon Boykin in the fourth round. He provides a replacement for Asante Samuel and has a shot to see plenty of time working in the slot.

Did they really need to take quarterback Nick Foles?

Ryan Van Bibber agreed with Kiper that the Eagles gave their defense a much-needed boost, but wasn't as high on the addition of Foles. Despite the decent marks, Philadelphia actually came out the lowest rated among all four teams in the NFC East, according to the mothership.

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