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Eagles Rookie Camp 2012: Fletcher Cox Sounds Off On First Day

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The 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Camp is underway, giving new draft picks and undrafted free agents their first workouts as members of the Eagles.

First-round pick Fletcher Cox saw time at defensive end instead of defensive tackle. When asked what he worked on he had this to say.

"I played a lot at d-end. We had different packages where the coaches would move me out and give me a lot space and let me move around."

With Cox trying to pick up time at defensive end, which is a surprise to many, coaching will be very important. As Cox pointed out after practice, he is quickly forming a good relationship with the coaching staff, primarily defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

"It was good. It was fun. We got up and ran around a little bit. We talked, and he coached me. It was like working with Coach Wilson back at Mississippi State. They'll both get after you and coach you really hard. They'll get right into you."

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