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Philadelphia Eagles OTA 2012: Jeremy Maclin Poised For 'Best Year Yet,' Says Michael Vick

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has made quite an impression as his team prepares for the 2012 season. Earlier in May an anonymous coach said Maclin might be poised for his first Pro Bowl campaign. On Thursday, Michael Vick seconded his coach's thoughts.

"I think this is going to be Jeremy Maclin’s best year yet," Vick said. "He has worked tremendously hard over the offseason. He has caught a ton of balls the last four-five days. I’m proud of him and I’m proud of his attitude most importantly."

Vick also said he has been impressed by the work ethic of undrafted free agent Damaris Johnson.

"He works really hard, and that’s really the most important thing. It’s your work ethic and wanting to be great. If you don’t have a desire to do something, you won’t happen. When you have a desire and set your mind out to be the best that you can be, you’re going to be that. It may come in time and the pace may become an issue, but it’ll happen," Vick said.

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