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Michael Vick's Turnover Luck Could Lead Philadelphia Eagles To Bounce-Back Season

The Philadelphia Eagles were plagued by turnovers in 2011, with quarterback Michael Vick committing 17 of them.

ESPN's KC Joyner predicts that Vick's luck will change next season, and that a regression to the turnover mean could be one of the factors for Philadelphia winning the 2012 NFC East title:

The aforementioned article touting the Giants as 2011 NFC East favorites detailed how Vick was due for a drop-off, in part because he was one of the most fortunate passers in the league in 2010.

This fall, the tables are completely turned. Vick still had a penchant for risk-taking last season (3.4 percent bad decision rate (BDR), ranked 26th), but he also had a lot of unlucky breaks, as 48.3 percent of the possible interception chances he had were turned into picks by the opposing team. If Vick gets back to a standard level of fortune (which is roughly 40 percent of potential picks turning into interceptions) and improves his BDR by a slight amount, he could remove at least three to five turnovers from his 2011 statistical résumé.

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