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Michael Vick Discusses New Book, 2012 Eagles Season

Michael Vick has seen, and been, part of the depths of humanity. Now, he's looking to resurrect his career, life and image. So far, so good says Vick, in his tell-all book: Finally Free.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has been to the mountain top, and rolled all the way down it's jagged side. In an effort to get all the facts out on the table, Vick penned his autobiography which has now been released. Much of it was written while he sat behind bars in Leavenworth, Kansas.

In a radio interview with Fox Sports Daybreak, Vick talked candidly about the book and the Eagles upcoming season.

"It's a feel-good book, very inspirational. I decided to write in because I feel like I end up sharing my story with a lot of people, verbally, and I just wanted to give them a different type of story, as opposed to what I've been talking about...and put it in written form. They can visualize exactly what I went through - make it clear for them, give them a clear picture so they can develop their own perception of me. But it's more to inspire the young kids and keep them on the right track. The tile 'Finally Free', is just me finally letting it all go and moving on with my life."

During the interview, Vick talked about his doubt while in prison when looking towards the future.

"I thought pretty much all of my future was in doubt. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to come back and accomplish so much on and off the field. I'm very thankful; very blesses. Every day I wake up, I know that Ive' got to make the right decisions. I know that every decision counts and that's what I preach to the kids."

Looking ahead to the new season, Vick sees a team ready to make steps toward the ultimate prize.

"I think we have to have a great training camp. That's where it all starts, everybody coming together, camaraderie, understanding what needs to be done, everyone understanding their place and their position and knowing that success is the only thing that matters."

It could very well be a wonderful season in the city of Brotherly Love, thanks to a quarterback who is ready to write his future, now that he's written his past.

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