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Eagles Training Camp 2012: Trent Cole and Nnamdi Asomugha Say Defense Looks Good

The Philadelphia Eagles put pads on for the first time in 2012 at training camp on Saturday. While it's just a small step in the process, it certainly signifies that the season is indeed underway.

Defensive end Trent Cole sounds like he was ready to get going.

"It's a start for us to get the pads on and get things rolling for the 2012 season. Things are looking good and hopefully we will go on to the next day and move forward with it."

Cole went on to talk about the defensive line looking solid. The Eagles had a superb front last year and are looking to build off of that success.

"We have a great rotation and a great group of guys that are very talented on the overall defense. Everyone is moving around pretty fast and we are going to get faster."

The defense was inconsistent in 2011, despite a nice ranking by season's end. However with the talent on board many expect a different output from this year's unit. Corner Nnamdi Asomugha can be counted among those people.

"I think being in the top-10 last year, our goals can be much better than that. We always want to be the best. There are some of the guys who have been around and been on top defenses before, so we know what it takes to get there."

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