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Eagles Training Camp 2012: 2 Fights Break Out In Sunday's Practice

Sometimes training camp can become a little hot and bothersome.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles saw one of the side effects of that type of feeling: anger.

During the session, linebacker Ryan Rau and second-year guard Danny Watkins got embroiled in a heated dispute, according to Les Bowen of the Daily News.

Rau became fired up after one particular play and struck Watkins in the back of his head, forcing the offensive and defensive units to defend their respective teammates.

"I don’t care who it is; I’m not going to let anybody push me around," Rau said.

Later in the practice, another scuffle broke out between newly-acquired tackle Demetress Bell and defensive tackle Derek Landri.

"No question, emotions are high," Landri said. "Everybody wants to be at their best. Mediocrity is not acceptable. Everybody is going as hard as they can. Sometimes you get the better of a guy, sometimes he gets the better of you, and things kind of escalate from there. At the same time, we know where it all ends. It’s done and we move on to the next day."

Just another day at training camp in the hot summer months.

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