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Eagles Owners Jeffrey And Christina Lurie Will Divorce

Jeffrey and Christina Lurie are getting divorced after 20 years of marriage. With a day job in film business, the Luries are also co-owners of the Philadelphia Eagles. They bought the team in 1994, for $185 million, and have both been involved in the team's operations since then. The Luries issued a statement reassuring Eagles fans that their joint efforts at running the team will not be compromised by the split.

From the Luries' statement:

"Please know that we remain close friends and we will continue to work together as partners," they said in their joint statement.

"Please be assured that this decision will have no impact whatsoever on the ownership, the business and the operations of the Philadelphia Eagles football team We are certain that our family's future and our collective future as colleagues will be a bright one."

No reason for the split was announced.

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