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Jeff Lurie Will Still Own 'A Sizable Chunk' Of Eagles Post-Divorce

An report is refuting a New York Post report that says Jeff Lurie would be giving 'a sizable chunk' of the Eagles franchise in his divorce settlement. Albert Breer cites a source with direct knowledge of the settlement that says Lurie's wife Christina only owns a small, non-voting share of the team. Jeff Lurie has more control of his team than most owners in the NFL do.

He's the only person with voting stock or management authority over the Eagles. This isn't the Dodgers and the Lurie's are not the McCourts. There's a fairly interesting quote from Breer's source if you continue reading after the jump.

"There is no doubt who will own or control the Eagles going forward, and that is Jeffrey," said the senior official in an email. "Jeffrey is only 60 and will remain in control for decades. In fact, we think the Eagles will be in the Lurie family for generations because Jeffrey has been very thoughtful in how he has structured his affairs."

Only 60? Controlling the team for decades? I'm not questioning the quality of this source but what exactly does he mean only 60? And how many more decades? That kind of escaped me.

But no, doesn't sound like this breakup is going to be messy for the Eagles, a team that's obviously going through enough right now with the loss of Andy Reid's son Garrett.