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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Michael Vick Ranked 7th Among QBs

Michael Vick is ranked No. 7 on the initial list of fantasy football quarterback rankings.

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When it comes to fantasy football there is no player who symbolizes a high risk, high reward strategy more than Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick. When he is on his game he is not only the best fantasy quarterback in the NFL, he is the best fantasy football player period - no one is more capable of winning a single week of fantasy football by himself. Of course, as is always the case with Vick, injuries are the top concern and what has him ranked down as the No. 7 QB on Fake Teams, SB Nation's fantasy sports website.

Last season Vick was the top ranked QB coming into the season, but he was limited to 13 games and banged up throughout the year. As a result the Eagles suffered, as did Vick's fantasy owners. If he can stay healthy there is no reason to assume Vick can't return to his 2010 form and be a top five fantasy quarterback.

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