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The Philadelphia Eagles Should Sign Plaxico Burress

This has been kicked around numerous times before, and there remains no indication it'll happen. Still, I've come around on the idea. The Eagles should sign Plaxico Burress.

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I don't have a reason much better than, well, why not? It's just a gut instinct. You cannot tell me adding the luxury of Plaxico Burress, especially with this team's problems in the red zone, isn't something the Eagles should at least try. As he showed last year, catching touchdowns is still something he can do quite well. And is there really a better fit out there for Burress than the Eagles? Come on. Michael Vick throwing him the ball, brothers in strife returning from exile and writing the final chapter of their careers. Forget Dream Team, I'm talking Redeem Team. I smell a movie script.

Also, if the Eagles are going to employ players looking for a second chance after spending time in jail, they might as well do it for a proven winner who at the height of his career was considered one of the game's most lethal assassins. At this point, who gives a shit? Remember, Burress is the man directly responsible for catching the touchdown pass that beat the undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. The Eagles could use someone with that kind of mentality, especially late in games. You know, when they are typically choking losers. Plaxico, while always being a problem child who clashed with coaches and acted like a douche off the field, committed the crime of being an arrogant and stupid person. He didn't hurt anyone except for himself (although, granted, he could have), in more ways that one. It sure seems like prison humbled Burress to the point that he's not actively a dick anymore and is only looking to play and help a team any way he can. We're talking about one of most clutch wide receiver of his generation. How many times did he come up huge with the game on the line? Did Plaxico ever not make a catch for Eli when the Giants needed it most, especially late? I know you remember him curb stomping us all the fucking time. Whatever the risk is for the Eagles to sign Plaxico Burress, they should take it. Really, I just want to win. Besides, if he sucks, they can cut him without any financial penalties (assuming the contract is non-guaranteed).

Lastly, tell me it wouldn't be the best thing ever to see Plax possibly burn the Giants two times a year, especially for touchdowns -- maybe some even late in games, if we're lucky. Does that not tingle your loins, people? Why, he could be the Eagles' better (and, yes, blacker) version of Riley Cooper! Get it done and give Burress a chance, I say.

Other thoughts...

- John Skelton is apparently the favorite to win the starting quarterback job in Arizona. Good. He's a much better quarterback than Kevin Kolb (who's been unbearably terrible and could even find himself out of the league soon), which is something I concluded after watching him beat the Eagles back in November, and at least has a skill set that can fly in the NFL. Does Skelton always make the best decisions? No. Is he pristine with his accuracy and ball placement? No. But he's got as strong an arm as anyone, and I've seen him make a number of clutch plays when he needed to down the stretch late in games. It was Skelton's performance against the 49ers in a 21-19 win in Week 14 that sealed the deal for me. He led the Cardinals back from a 19-7 third quarter deficit against the best defense in football -- and did so with astonishing poise and moxie. Skelton has the kind of weapons at his disposal on offense to be successful. Even aside from Larry Fitzgerald, Early Doucet, Andre Roberts, and rookie beast Michael Floyd makes for a pretty sweet foursome at wide receiver. Beanie Wells finally stayed healthy and looked like an NFL running back last season, while Ryan Williams is back from a torn ACL. And then there's tight end, where Todd Heap is pretty much washed up but athletic superfreak -- and personal favorite -- Rob Housler is waiting in the wings, ready to make his mark.

- AFC Team I'm rooting for this season: Colts. Andrew Luck's been pro-ready for two years, and it's going to shock people how easy he makes it look at the NFL level. That's not just based on his evisceration of the Rams, I promise. One more time, he's a more athletic version of Peyton Manning.

The Colts themselves are flush with rookies playing major roles all over the offense. You already know about Coby Fleener, who I was hoping the Eagles would draft in the second round if he was still on the board. But it's two wide receivers who intrigue me the most. T.Y. Hilton was an electrifying player at Florida International who displays the kind of explosive speed and acceleration that enables him to turn a ten-yard slant into a 70-yard touchdown. Then there's little-known LaVon Brazill, who played at Ohio. The only people who have heard about him, aside from professional scouts, are draft-obsessed nerds like me. And I'm okay with that. Brazill is a lot like Hilton, actually. Fast, quick, athletic, shifty, with a ton of moves. He had a play of 40+ yards in half of the Bobcats games last season and was by far the team's best NFL prospect. Brazill is the kind of receiver who makes things happen with the ball in his hands, and Andrew Luck is the kind of quarterback who can get it to him. Unless you consider the Colts a mortal enemy, how can every other football fan not want to see them succeed? I'm not alone here, right?