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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: Andy Reid Defends Physically Demanding Practices

The NFL's new CBA takes measures to assure training camps across the league consider player's rights. There are mandatory off-days and restrictions on how many fully padded practices teams can hold. Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid is aware of the rules but maintains his right to hold what some consider to be one of the NFL's most physically demanding training camps.

Reid believes the high-intensity afternoon practices will do his team more good than harm.

"The thing I can tell you is that it’s football and we’re going to get better at blocking and tackling by doing it this way and that’s very important," said Reid. "This is the way we’ve done it, with the exception of last year. This is the way we’ve always done it and I believe in that. The players have been very positive with it and they’re pushing themselves through, which is important."

Reid continued.

"The blocking and the tackling; no matter how you cut this game, you’ve got to be able to block somebody, you’ve got to be able to defeat a block and then you’ve got to be able to tackle and everything works a little better on the back ends of the offense and the defense if you’re able to do that."

The Eagles won their last four games to close the 2011 season at 8-8 overall, but the team still missed the playoffs.

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