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Garrett Reid Funeral: Hundreds Attend To Support Eagles' Andy Reid

The funeral of Garrett Reid, the son of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, was held Tuesday, and estimates say that as many as 900 people made an appearance to show their support.

In addition to most, if not all of the Eagles team, commissioner Roger Goodell was there along with Brian Westbrook, Ron Jaworski, Steve Mariucci and Jeremiah Trotter. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie attended as did his soon to be ex-wife Christina. Saints owner Tom Benson brought a delegation with him on his private plane that included Bill Belichick, Steve Spagnuolo and Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt.

At the funeral, Eagles' wide receiver Jason Avant said he had a chance to speak with his head coach, and informed everyone he let Reid know everyone is there for him.

"Oh it was very, very tough when I got the chance to talk to him," said Avant. "He was having a very hard time but he is solid as a rock. As far as his personality, his spirit [and] his faith in Jesus Christ, it's all upholding him right now. That's one of the things that he wanted to make sure the team knew. He is still Coach Reid. We want to be there for him. We can't do anything as players in this situation but go out and do our jobs the best we can. We can be there for moral support and also to have a shoulder to cry on. This time is one of those times as an Eagles family that it is hurting everyone."

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