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Would Andy Reid have traded Michael Vick and kept Donovan McNabb?

According to a New York sportswriter, Andy Reid would have been willing to trade Michael Vick instead of Donovan McNabb for the right offer.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Donovan McNabb's career went downhill quickly after being traded from the Eagles to the Washington Redskins, but Andy Reid sounds as if he wasn't dead-set on trading McNabb over Michael Vick. Gary Myers told Angelo Cataldi of 94WIP the following, via CBS Philly:

Andy Reid did tell me in that interview—now this was right after they traded McNabb to Washington—he told me, if the best offer he got was for Vick, he would have traded Vick.

And I said [to Reid], 'You’re telling me after the public relations hit you guys took in Philly, the damage control you had to do after you signed Vick (he’s only been here for a year at that point). I mean you did all the dirty with Michael Vick, you made it easier for any team to then trade for him because, you know, the funeral had sort of died down at the point.’ I said, ‘You would have been willing to just give him up after a year, after what you have invested in him?’ And he said, if that was the best offer, then he would have traded him then. At that point, he would have signed McNabb and Kevin Kolb.

Myers was interviewing Reid for a book he was working on, "Coaching Confidential."

Trading Mcnabb seemed like the obvious choice at the time when considering the players' ages. The Eagles had both Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick on the roster as younger options, and both had shown flashes of elite potential. McNabb, as the oldest of the three and with the least question marks surrounding him, seemed the most logical quarterback to move.

McNabb ended up struggling during his time in Washington before eventually heading north to Minnesota. He's now doing a Thursday night show for Comcast Sports Net.