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NFL picks and predictions Week 4: Giants vs. Eagles

Coming off of their first loss of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles face their NFC East rival New York Giants in primetime on Sunday night in a game expected by many pundits to be hard-fought and close.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

As questions swirl about the play of quarterback Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles offense, the New York Giants come into town on a roll as the teams will square off under the lights on Sunday night.

Predictions from local and national pundits foresee a tight, neck-and-neck battle with the end result favoring the defending Super Bowl champions.

In his weekly picks, SB Nation's Joel Thorman forecasts a 27-23 Giants victory, writing, "The Eagles' defense was playing well until allowing 27 points to the Cardinals last weekend. Michael Vick and the Eagles' offense haven't been consistent enough to make me think they can outscore the Giants."

Peter King of Sports Illustrated shared Thorman's sentiment, going with a 24-23 New York win due to both the Giants' recent play as well as Vick's.

Here is, in part, what King wrote in his preview of the game:

"Mike Vick (first three games: nine turnovers) is under pressure to play better or start fearing for his job -- no matter how reassuring the words from Andy Reid are. Reid's a performance guy, and Vick's not doing the job in the first three weeks. This comes down to liking Eli Manning to make a few more plays in the fourth quarter than Vick, as simple as that sounds."

Les Bowen of also predicted a Giants win, this time by a score of 28-20. "I don't like the version of Michael Vick I've been seeing lately," Bowen writes, "against the current version of Eli Manning."

ESPN's 12-man panel ended up siding 7-5 overall in favor of the Giants as well.