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Super Bowl ads 2013: Budweiser and Audi highlight commercials

There were a bevy of commercials on Sunday that people will be talking about for the next few days.

Ronald Martinez

The Super Bowl lived up to expectations with the Baltimore Ravens holding on 34-31 over the San Francisco 49ers.

During the breaks in action, there were plenty of commercials that kept people's interest.

One of which was the Budweiser spot involving the Clydesdale that was raised from birth by a man and then shipped off to join his brethren. Ultimately, the man saw his old horse in a parade and they were reunited. Check it out:

Another terrific commercial was authored by Audi. The comedic piece featured a lonely teenager going to prom when his Dad gives him the keys to the Audi.

From there, the kid gains some confidence and kisses the prom queen, only to get punched in the face by her boyfriend. He doesn't care though, because he has an Audi.

One more classic was a Taco Bell spot that featured old people getting wild at night and causing mayhem.

It was simple, but very funny in an obvious way.