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Video: Daniel Briere "Shocked" By Suspension

Flyers forward Daniel Briere reacts to be suspended for a hit that he says didn't even connect. He has also has some interesting thoughts on other, much worse hits that have injured players recently that were treated less harshly than his. Briere also claims that the NHL wasn't even interested in hearing his explanation or defense. He noted how the other player threatened him before the faceoff and had punched him on the previous play so he was just trying to protect himself, but did take responsibility for having his stick up.

He was asked whether he thought the extra time he got was so he would miss the Islanders game this Sunday? I got a kick out of his response.

What am I going to do? Go fight their whole team? I've had like two or three fights in my career. It's not like I'm going to do anything physical if I play against the Islanders if that's what their thinking.

via Crossing Broad