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Michael Leighton Clears Waivers, Assigned to Adirondack

Michael Leighton has cleared waivers again – his third time in a calendar year – and will report to the Adirondack Phantoms for the start of their season.

Leighton will join an already crowded crease in Glens Falls, as AHL veterans Jason Bacashihua and Johan Backlund have been in camp for a week already, while former seventh round draft pick Brad Phillips also remains in camp. It is yet to be seen how the Phantoms crease sorts itself out, though a popular idea has Johan Backlund being loaned to Europe.

In order to return to the Flyers, Leighton would once again have to clear re-entry waivers, where any club can claim him for half of his remaining salary ($1.6 million this season). For that price, Leighton is attractive. For $1.55 million, he’s not.