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Eric Lindros Will Participate In Flyers Winter Classic Alumni Game

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After months of speculation, Eric Lindros confirmed that he will play for the Flyers in their alumni game against the New York Rangers prior to the Winter Classic at Citizens' Bank Park. Flyers fans have been beating the drums for Lindros, one of the franchises' greatest and most polarizing players, to be a part of the alumni game, which will take place on New Years Eve.


As Frank Servalli points out, this opens the door for a possible reunion of the famed "Legion of Doom" line that featured Lindros, John LeClair & Mikael Renberg. Lindros is in the game and LeClair maintains a residence in the Philadelphia area, but Renberg is back in his native Sweden. It should be interesting to see if the Flyers bring him over for the game. That would certainly make for a pretty awesome moment to see all those three back. But honestly, even if it was just Lindros and LeClair, it would be be pretty great.


Who else might you be interested to see playing in the alumni game?