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Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov Has "Zero Confidence"

Last night Flyers goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov replaced starter Sergei Bobrovsky after he had allowed 5 goals in 15 shots in 24 minutes of action. Unfortunately, Bryzgalov was not much better, allowing 4 goals on 10 shots.

Bryzgalov has now allowed five, four, five and four goals in his last four games, respectively. As you can imagine, his confidence is shot and he told reporters so following the game, thus providing more than a few head-scratching quotes:

Via Puck Daddy:

"When you have terrible goalies, it's no surprise there are so many goals."

"I have zero confidence in myself right now. If you throw a ball instead of a puck, I'm not going to stop it. I'm terrible and I want to apologize in front of the fans, in front of my teammates; and I don't know what's going on. I have no answer for you guys. I thought this last game in Montreal was ... nothing's gonna happen worse, but today was even worse."

"We didn't have problems playing the puck on the ice. Not yesterday, not tonight. I just can't stop the puck. It's very simple. You can't ask more from the forwards. They scored eight goals and we're still losing. Obviously it's [a] terrible goalie - it's me."

"They try to play hard, but the bottom line I'm the goalie. I'm the guy who have to try to stop the puck. I couldn't even stop the simple shots."

"I'm lost in the woods right now."

Watch the interview in its entirety here


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