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Flyers Schedule: Philadelphia Flyers Visit Florida Panthers On Sunday

Philadelphia Flyers captain Chris Pronger would like a more aggressive game Sunday against the Florida Panthers.

The Philadelphia Flyers visit the Florida Panthers Sunday (5 p.m., TCN-PH ), and Flyers captain Chris Pronger is hoping for an aggressive affair. At least, he's hoping Florida displays more aggression than Tampa Bay did Wednesday night.

Tampa Bay stifled Philadelphia with its 1-3-1 trap defense, limiting the Flyers to just 15 shots while defeating the Flyers in overtime, 2-1. But Pronger lashed out at Tampa Bay's style of play afterward, suggesting that teams should be fined for playing such passive defense.

"What do you want us to do if they're not going to forcecheck?" Pronger asked rhetorically in a conference call from Naples, Fla., where the Flyers started a two-day bonding trip. ". . . If they want to just stand there, why would I want to skate into it? It's asinine to think so."

The Flyers will look to rebound from the Tampa Bay loss in Florida, against the Southeast Division-leading Panthers. The Panthers have won two straight, including a 5-2 victory against Winnipeg on Thursday.

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