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VIDEO: Peter Laviolette Shoves Stars' Steve Ott Between Periods

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette headed into the tunnel to the visitors’ locker room at American Airlines Center in Dallas. As he did, he got into a little bit of a shoving match with Dallas center Steve Ott.

Check out the video of the brief tete-a-tete between the Flyers’ coach and Ott.

It was a chippy first period for both teams. Ott took a shot at Claude Giroux, playing in his first game back from a concussion. Could something have been about that incident to provoke whatever happened in the tunnel between Laviolette and Ott? It’s very likely.

As for Laviolette being in the tunnel with Ott, the visiting team exits the ice via a tunnel across the ice. The visiting coaches sometimes take the walk across the ice, but often times they’ll just stroll down to the Stars bench and walk down the tunnel. That’s exactly what Laviolette did in this case.