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NHL Winter Classic 2012: NBC's 'Doc' Emrick Talks Flyers Vs. Rangers

The 2012 Winter Classic is just one week away, and everyone who's associated with the NHL's annual outdoor game, which this year will be played between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers at Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia, is excited about it.

On Saturday, published an interview with the contest's play-by-play announcer, NBC's 'Doc' Emrick, who talked about the electric atmosphere that surround the game.

"It's as close to a Game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final as you can get," said Emrick. "...These guys have been all over the world and they've played a lot of hockey in a lot of venues but this is a special one."

Emrick was also asked about the rash of head injuries, which have plagued the Flyers, and what the league can do to solve the problem.

"The analogy of the 500 Mile Race leads me to conclude that widening the rink by even three or four feet," said Emrick, "might make a difference. Seating wise I know there wouldn't be a lot of trouble because normally the lower seats are temporary anyway. I am uncertain of the 30 rinks and how the ice plant could be expanded. I am sure there is ice enough in some---Calgary for example---and building would have to place in others."

For the full interview with 'Doc' Emrick click on this link.

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