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NHL Trade Rumors: Flyers Looking To Deal Jody Shelley Or Dan Carcillo?

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that there are rumors that the Flyers are looking to unload one of their tough guys, Jody Shelley or Dan Carcillo. According to Bob Hunter, the Blue Jackets would be "reluctant" to commit over $2 million worth of salary for Shelley over the next two seasons. However he did say that when Shelley was in Columbus he was "enormously popular" and if his return put a few hundred more butts in the seats most nights, it might make taking on his salary financially worthwhile.

As Broad Street Hockey points out, there's really no reason to keep Shelley & Carcillo, when at least one is all but guaranteed to be scratched on a nightly basis after the Kris Versteeg trade. Plus, Carcillo is all but guaranteed to be gone after this year so anything the Flyers got for him at this point would be a bonus.

The article also mentions that the team is looking to deal Nikolay Zherdev, which should have been obvious at this point.