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NHL Trade Deadline: Are The Eastern Conference Teams Done?

The NHL trade deadline has a little different feel this season because so many teams seem to have pulled off their big deals a week or two ago. So now that the trade deadline is here, the rumor mill is unusually slow. The deadline is now just about an hour away (3pm eastern).

The Flyers seem to be done for the most part. Panaccio reported this morning that the team may look for a “soft” deal to add an extra forward. Florida’s Marty Reasoner has been tossed out as a name, but nothing appears to be close there. Presumably this extra forward will be to replace Nikolay Zherdev, although the Flyers won’t trade away any part of their current roster to get this forward.

The Penguins are probably finished after they acquired Alexei Kovalev, Matt Niskanen and James Neal over the past week.

The Rangers reportedly had interest in Dallas StarsBrad Richards, but apparently don’t want to pay Dallas’ asking price and the Stars aren’t interested in budging. If something does happen there, it will likely be right at the deadline.