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Tomas Vokoun Says The Flyers Have Contacted Him

Ilya Bryzgalov is not the only high-name, high-priced goalie on the Flyers radar this summer. According to an Edmonton Journal translation of a Czech newspaper, pending unrestricted free agent Tomas Vokoun has been contacted by the Flyers, as well as Bryzgalov’s former employer, the Phoenix Coyotes.

According to the Edmonton Journal, Vokoun "has heard from Philadelphia". Further, the Journal quoted Vokoun as saying:

“I would not be displeased if I got a good offer from Floria and accepted it. But if I happen to get an offer from a team that might have a chance to challenge for the Stanley Cup, now, that might be irresistible.”

When asked which team might have a change to challenge, Vokoun oddly stated Colorado. Either way, it is clear that Philadelphia fits into that category as well.

However, a Google Translation of the article reveals something entirely different:

“I still remain calm, as it still does not solve I can not. Now is the only option: to get an offer from Florida. No one else can not offer me anything. Time is 30 June, then I know,”

First, if the Edmonton Journal report is true, the Panthers may have a grievance with the NHL against the Flyers for contacting one of their players. But beyond that, it would be good to know that the Flyers aren’t backing themselves into Bryzgalov’s corner, allowing him to beat every last dollar and year out of them.

But if the Google Translation is correct, and that is the article the Edmonton Journal is citing, Vokoun says nothing about receiving offers or calls from other teams. That certainly clouds the situation.

Either way, the gap between Bryzgalov and Vokoun is small (a 0.001 difference in both even-strength save percentage and total save percentage for their careers), but it may surprise you to know that Vokoun is better than Bryzgalov in both categories.

It would be prudent of Paul Holmgren to keep tabs on Tomas Vokoun, since he’s just as good, likely looking for less money, and is certainly looking for fewer years.