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Report: Flyers Talks With Bryzgalov Go Well

According to several reports with knowledge of the situation, the contract talks between Ilya Bryzgalov and the Philadelphia Flyers have gone well and it seems likely he will be starting goaltender next season.

The Flyers flew Bryz into town Thursday and after talking about a deal, the team took the netminder and his wife for a tour of the city yesterday. Paul Holmgren said in a statement that he and Bryz’s agent plan to speak again next week.

It’s worth noting that even if the two sides agreed to a deal, they couldn’t announce it until June 30th anyway. That is the date the new salary cap for next season will take affect. At that point, the team will also have likely have to deal one of their current players to make room.

The Inquirer’s Sam Carchidi feels like a deal will get done.

After talking to those familiar with the negotiations, I think Bryz will be the #Flyers’ starting G next season.