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New Flyers Braden Schenn And Jakub Voracek Happy To Be In Philadelphia

Jeff Carter was certainly not happy about the fact he was traded and not only yet to make a public statement about it, he actually has yet to even speak with anyone in the Columbus organization. The same can’t be said of the young players the Flyers netted in return for Carter and Richards. They seem quite excited to be here.

Braden Schenn from CSNPhilly

“It’s a thrill, a little bit shocking to be here … I’m thrilled to be part of the organization and history there. I’m going into a great organization that’s close to winning [the Stanley Cup] and that’s what I’m excited for.”

Schenn says that he actually tries to model his game after Mike Richards. As for Jakub Voracek, he says he’s happy to be here and is working hard this summer to improve.

“I was pretty happy,” Voracek said. “I hear only great things about the Flyers organization and it’s an honor to play there. I’m pretty excited. I’m basically starting a new life and this team has a chance to win the Stanley Cup every year. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“That’s why you play hockey – to win the Cup and it’s a big challenge and I’m pretty excited for it,” Voracek said. “It’s fun to go from a team that only make the playoffs one out of 10 years to, like you said, a team that makes it basically every year. It’s exciting and it’s something that’s new for me and I’m going to try and help as much as possible.”

In the very near future, whether or not the Flyers contend for the Cup or make the playoffs in the future will rest partly on the shoulders of these two players and how they develop.