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Flyers Trade Darroll Powe To Minnesota Wild For 3rd Round Pick In 2013

The Flyers have made yet another trade, although this one won’t make nearly the headlines of the other two they pulled off last week. This time they shipped center Darroll Powe to the Minnesota Wild for a third round pick in the 2013 draft.

That brings the Flyers Ivy league graduate contingent down to nil… It also means one less good skater that was useful on the penalty kill. In fact, the only Flyer to log more minutes on the penalty kill last year was Blair Betts and even that was only by a slight margin. Powe never put up many points, but is certainly the kind of role player that most every team likes to have.

The team also announced today that it had signed Andreas Nodl to a new two year deal that will pay him $845K per year. He’s a fairly similar player to Powe with maybe a little more upside. Nodl is two years younger than Powe and will likely be expected to play Powe’s role next year.